Group of various experts founded in 2005 NGO MedCEM – Mediterranean Center For Environmental Monitoring in Sutomore (Montenegro).

Idea was to raise awareness in treatment ecosystems of Adriatic Sea, Coastal region and Skadar Lake. Our actions where managing, implementing knowledge and providing technical support in field of nature protection, as well as collecting data, analyze and presenting information related to ecology and sustainable development.

MedCEM is founded in Bar, coastal municipality with jurisdiction over largest part of National Park Skadar Lake and central part of South-East Adriatic Coast. Municipality of Bar is leader in region as trade and cultural center, the biggest coastal town and the biggest Port in MNE.

MedCEM is a member of several environmental networks:

Natura 2000

CSO Network SEE-CCA in MNE


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Crvena Komuna

Environment Engineering Group


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