Water resources

“…Record rainfall is something that makes Montenegro stand out in Europe. In the Orjen area alone it amounts to 4500 mm. In spite of that, settlements at the bottom of Orjen, at the Bay of Kotor, do not have sufficient amounts of water.  According to its hydroelectric potential  Montenegro holds second place in Europe, right after Norway. However, the Montenegrin electrical industry shows a shortage of electric power by more than a third…

Montenegro is now faced with a serious deficit of  electric power, the highest in Europe, and its consumption shows growth, as well as the market prices. Which is why 80  million euros needs to bee provided for purchasing electric power each year….Water presents potentially the greatest wealth of Montenegro which is to a great extent unexplored, to a certain degree not even understood. Appropriate comprehension, exploitation and protection of this gift of the nature – will provide not only reliable water supply but it will also stimulate the complete economic development and the quality of life for all the citizens of Montenegro.”˝

 from text of Prof. Branislav Đorđević, Phd

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